No1 - Somewhere in Arizona, possibly....


CMYK acrylic ink on on Hahnemühle Nostalgie 190g.
59.4 x 37 cm (~ 23.4 x14.6 in)
2414 lines with a total length of 231.7 meters.

Limited Edition of 3: each artwork in the edition is drawn with a different random seed value making it unique!

Numbered and signed on the back.

More pictures and close-ups on my webpage or on instagram.
If you are interested in another drawing from the "Untamed" series don't hesitate to email me, and if I still have an edition left, I can add it to the shop as well!

*please note that plotted artworks may vary slightly to the images due to the nature of the plotting process.

This original generative artwork was created with McNeel's Rhinoceros 7 + Grasshopper3d


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Delivery Policies

All artworks are shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube, ensuring that paper does not bend or crease. In addition artworks are wrapped in a protective paper sheet. All precautions are made to ensure external exposure is minimised as much as possible.
Artworks are sent via Austrian Post with Tracking provided to you once the item is sent. Purchases are dispatched within 3 days of payment.

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